Dr. Doug Weiss is a skilled creator, lecturer, and counselor who has worked with patients convalescing from trauma, drug dependency, and other intellectual health conditions for more than thirty years. His courses and transcripts of his talks have appeared in numerous periodicals. He holds a Ph.D. In clinical psychology, and serves as president of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy in the interim.

    Among the various works that Dr. Weiss has authored are “The Sexually Addicted Spouse,” “Intimacy Anorexia,” and “Sex, God, and Men.” Furthermore, he has been seen as a visitor on many communication suggestions and highlighted on country-wide news programs consisting of CNN, Fox News, and others. Keep reading about Dr Weiss net worth below.

    Professional Psychologist and Sexual Addiction Counsellor

    An internationally recognized psychologist, therapist, and authority on sex addiction is Dr. Douglas Weiss. He holds a psychology doctorate. His challenge in life is to serve others. With over thirty years of experience in the therapeutic career, he is qualified to provide you with the help you want.

    Beyond his extraordinary clinical abilities, Dr. Weiss’s own experience with addiction and rehabilitation offers him empathy and understanding. He might provide you with the much-needed support and knowledge you need if you’re dealing with abuse, a sex addiction, or a hostile relationship. He can lead you to the source of hope that exists.

    He took this action to fulfill his responsibilities at the Colorado Springs-based Heart to Heart Counselling Centre, which he created. As the Executive Director, he has witnessed numerous lives transformed and relationships repaired. Over the direction of more than 3 a long time, he and his personnel have assisted hundreds of people in overcoming troubles like intimacy anorexia, sexual addiction, and dating difficulties.

    At the Heart to Heart Remedy Center, he evolved a unique program that gives healing procedures, meetings, three- and five-day intensives, and different guides for residing and bearing on in a wholesome way for you to facilitate recovery. Dr Doug Weiss net worth is almost 1 million – 5 million dollars.


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