In India there are various sectors of companies available in which one can start investing into like Fast-Moving Consumer goods sector, Infrastructure, IT sector, Healthcare sector, Tech companies and many more, an example of leading tech IT Service company could be Qualcomm Inc which is known for designing and manufacturing semiconductors and wireless telecommunications products, however the share prices of such huge companies keep fluctuating as of currently the Qualcomm share price is 141.50 USD. Similarly, there are various sectors and companies that one should consider buying the stocks of looking at the profits after proper research.

    Before buying stocks of any company in the share market one needs to have a proper understanding of what a share market is, what are stocks? And how to buy them so that it is beneficiary and how it works, a share market is a place where one can buy or sell the shares of a company, buying shares of a company means buying some percentage of ownership of that company, which means one can become a partial owner of that particular company as they hold some of its share percentages


    Deciding to buy the right stocks from the company can be daunting sometimes and would require proper research before considering investing in any kind of company.

    1)   Diversify: Diversifying investments should be a must, which means buying multiple stocks from different small and large cap companies so that the risk is distributed in various sectors.

    2)   Risk Management: Share markets are one of the riskiest investing options in the market, so it is important to understand the risk tolerance of an individual, managing risks has various benefits as it helps protect the invested sum while minimizing the future potential losses.

    3)  Budget consideration: To buy the right stocks in the share market one should invest considering their budget that is how much amount a person is comfortable or okay to pay even if the sector incurs any kind of loss.

    4)  Research: Studying the market of a business or an industry is one of the most important things one should do before buying stocks in the share market, it involves collecting information about the prices of stocks and shares of the company while comparing it with others of the same sectors, analyzing the growth and performances of the companies over time and make informed decisions while investing. 


    Gaining profit from buying shares of companies, can be challenging at first but with time and experience one can easily find their way through it, buying the stocks of the right companies can help gain profit, and in the long run it is advisable to buy stocks from large-cap companies one of which companies could be Amd which is a global company that specializes in manufacturing semiconductor devices used in computer processing , the shares of such companies are also generally higher like Amd share price which is around 138.00 USD as they help generate long term profits, in India there are several brokerage platforms which provide the facility of trading and investing in these global companies one such is 5paisa which has numerous options available of investing in large and small-cap companies with the lowest brokerage fees in the industry making it the most appealing option compared to others.