If you like to travel and have an active vacation with your family, it is time to look for a reliable car to carry out your plans. The vehicle should be practical and modern, and meanwhile flexible and family-friendly. Below you will find out why SUVs and crossovers are the best choice for family adventures, winning in versatility.

    SUV and crossover: what’s the difference?

    These vehicle types are very similar in appearance and functionality – therefore, they are mistakenly considered the same. The main difference lies in the platforms. The crossover is built on a standard car platform, and the SUV – is on a truck one. It reflects in the functionality of cars:

    • the crossover moves more smoothly and consumes fuel more economically,
    • the SUV loses some of its smoothness due to its construction but can carry heavy loads like a truck.

    Despite the differences, the crossover and SUV are similar in many ways. These similar advantages make them a desired family car that can overcome any obstacles on the way.

    Versatility and comfort

    SUVs and crossovers are among the most sought-after vehicles on the market. They look stylish and practical while remaining safe and manageable in difficult weather conditions. These types of cars will look great on safari and at a business meeting, thanks to their status appearance. At the same time, the high seating position guarantees comfort for the back and limbs and a good viewing angle.

    The crossover technically differs little from the sedan while repeating the shape and dimensions of the SUV. The soft suspension allows you to not worry about road quality, making these vehicles the most versatile today. A good suspension ensures minimal shaking, even on a terrible country road. It is a salvation for those who usually get sick in the car. It will also be appreciated by parents of babies, whose children will sleep peacefully without throwing a tantrum on every bump in the road.

    You won’t need a separate vehicle for moving heavy loads if you have chosen an SUV as your family companion. However, sometimes for the car’s versatility, you have to pay for increased fuel consumption. It is mainly true for SUVs due to the higher weight caused by the design features. Do not rush to get upset! You can always choose a crossover that consumes slightly more fuel than the average sedan.

    Space for passengers and luggage

    Crossovers and SUVs are ready to compete with minivans in the amount of space, losing somewhat due to high ground clearance. At the same time, the trunk volume cannot be compared with any sedan, and the number of seats will suit a growing family.

    Thanks to their towing capabilities, spacious SUVs can carry more than they can fit. Most crossovers are overall, but you can choose a compact version that can easily fit in the parking lot and will not create difficulties on the city road.

    Each passenger has enough personal space, which is especially important on family trips. So kids can find fun other than fighting with a sibling for a better seat in the car. At the same time, luggage that does not fit into the trunk will not be an excellent replacement for a soccer ball under your feet.

    Reliable vehicle for family adventures

    SUVs and crossovers are the perfect family adventure vehicles. Such machines are not afraid of weather conditions, remaining safe even on a mountain serpentine. Climate control and excellent noise reduction will create a cozy atmosphere in the cabin, allowing you to have a good time on a long journey. Outdoor enthusiasts can not worry about the transportation of:

    • sports equipment,
    • the stock of water and food,
    • clothes, shoes, and accessories for any occasion and weather (for long trips),
    • camping supplies,
    • spare tires in addition to all of the above.

    The experience of traveling depends a lot on the chosen vehicle. So, when traveling by public transport, you will see only the main sights, and when traveling in a sedan, you will not be able to leave the main roads.

    SUVs and crossovers allow you a unique experience away from the tourist trails and achieve unity with nature without strangers. A marvelous opportunity to test this theory yourself is to arrange a family trip to California, avoiding the highways. So consider the SUV rental in LAX offers in advance and book the right vehicle.


    Crossovers and SUVs have many advantages over other vehicles. However, this pales a little before the car maintenance complexities in perspective. You can evaluate all the pros and cons by using SUV rental services. When planning a family trip, check out Rental24h.com for a suitable offer among the best rental car in the USA.