Have you ever wondered about all the cool Japanese restaurants in Mumbai? Well, get set to explore a bunch of fantastic places that serve up delicious Japanese food!

    Seven Best Japanese Restaurants in Mumbai for Japanese Food Lovers


    Are you searching for authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices in Mumbai? KOFUKU is your spot! Once a secret among Japanese residents and expats, it’s now a hub for locals and young crowds.

    Step into a clean, authentically Japanese interior adorned with traditional décor.

    Their menu is a delight, from sushi to teppanyaki, katsudon to yakisoba. Make sure to check out their signature braised pork!

    Quench your thirst with Japanese favourites like Asahi beer, sake, or Yamazaki. They also have a diverse selection of wine, whiskey, and cocktails.

    Plus, they deliver online. Enjoy these flavours at home with just a few clicks.4.5 is the average Google review that foodies have given to this place.

    Sushi and More

    Nestled near the Mermaid Statue, Sushi and More, Juhu, Mumbai, beckons those craving exceptional flavours. Dive into perfectly crafted avocado sushi, tantalizing Rock Corn Tempura, and delectable Rock Shrimp Tempura.

    Need a kick? Try the spicy salmon rolls and spicy salmon. Pair it all with a delightful selection of wines or a comforting latte.

    Here’s the cherry on top-food delivery! Enjoy these exquisite treats delivered to your doorstep. The welcoming staff ensures a pleasant experience; a sentiment echoed in guest reviews. Prices? Considered reasonable by many. The ambience? Oh, it’s cozy and inviting.

    Discover this gem with an impressive Google rating of 4.6.

    Blue’s Kitchen By Loima

    Looking for affordable Japanese food in Mumbai? Meet Blue’s Kitchen! It’s in Bandra West and solves the problem of inconsistent quality and high prices at other places.

    At Blue’s Kitchen, they keep it real with authentic Japanese flavours. Chef Mrs Loima makes sure everything’s top-notch, and it’s a chill place where you can even rock your casual shorts. Plus, you can pick between sitting indoors or outdoors and sneak a peek at the chefs doing their thing in the open kitchen.

    Hungry yet?

    They’ve got some fabulous dishes like crunchy avocado mai roll, cream cheese avocado mai roll, spicy minced chicken basil, chicken cashew nut, California mai roll, chicken gyoza, and veggie katsu with Japanese curry. And don’t forget dessert! You can wrap up your meal with Honey Toast With Ice Cream or Water Chestnut With Coconut Milk.

    Google reviews give them a thumbs up with a solid 4.7 rating. So, if you’re up for a yummy Japanese treat, Blue’s Kitchen is the spot to hit up!     

    Izumi in Bandra, Mumbai 

    This is an incredible place for Japanese food fans. It’s run by Nooresha Kably, who knows much about Japanese cooking. When you walk in, it feels like Japan, with pretty things like lamps and plants around.

    Their menu is like a masterpiece with sushi, noodles, salads, and desserts. You can also try the Hamachi Truffle Ponzu With Wasabi Jelly and tuna dishes—they are delicious! The ramen bowls are so colorful and tasty, especially the Chicken Paitan.

    The sushi here is fantastic, especially the Sugoi maki and Spicy Salmon. They also serve katsu chicken with curry and rice, which is super yummy!

    Among the notable Japanese restaurants in Mumbai, Izumi surprises patrons with a delightful blend of flavors and an experience that exceeds expectations. Google ratings here are 4.6.

    Foo Powai

    Foo, a renowned Asian restaurant chain, has expanded with locations in Andheri and Bandra. Andheri’s restaurant boasts indoor seating and an inviting cabana-style outdoor area. Foo offers Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines and provides a diverse menu and efficient service.

    The Andheri branch, a fusion of modern Japanese design and French architecture, is managed by Chef Eric Sifu.

    The culinary journey here is delightful, featuring refreshing mocktails, tempting sushis, and flavorful lamb dishes.

    Notable dishes include the creamy lamb chop soup, tantalizing Stir Fry Sichuan Lamb, and crispy Vegetable Tempura. Standouts like Pink Peppercorn Tofu and Mushroom & Pepper Foo Bao are a hit. The dim sums and mains, such as Yellow Curry and Blue Butter Japanese Fried Rice, offer rich flavours.

    Foo at Andheri caters to those seeking an eclectic and satisfying Asian dining experience in Mumbai. You can also get your food delivered to your place directly through online orders.4.5 is the rating reviewers have given this restaurant.

    KOKO, Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Have you been to Koko yet? It’s an excellent place for Asian food, especially if you love sushi! It’s in Kamala Mills and is one of the best places to eat in Mumbai.

    Koko looks super friendly inside, with really cool decorations. It’s not for everyday eating; it’s better for special times.

    Start with their yummy whisky cocktails. Then try their California Rolls and Avocado Truffle Sushi with Caviar – they’re super tasty.

    They also have other great dishes like garlic rice with seafood or pork. And their cocktails are so good you’ll want more than one.

    There is no need for more convincing – enjoy some delicious food at Koko Mumbai! You can also order through online platforms if you want. Google reviews of 4.6 prove their popularity and fame.  

    Foo Town

    Foo Town in Churchgate is like a newer version of the old Kamling. It looks lovely inside, with particularly nice floors and excellent windows. The music makes it feel happy and fun.

    They have many foods like small plates, dim sum, soups, salads, and sushi.

    Some dishes, like the avocado salad and Pomelo pork salad, were delicious when we went with the Japanese Consul General. The Kamling Hakka Chicken was comforting, and their signature Foo Asian Burrata and quinoa salad were tasty, too. If you’re vegetarian, they have crispy Vegetable Tempura and ‘Foo Vegan’ Maki.

    For dessert, try the Yuzu Orange Cream Caramel. They also have sake, cocktails, and a good bar.

    Foo Town is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Mumbai, which is getting good reviews of 4.5 from food lovers.


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