Welcome to the British International Pre School Bangkok, where we embark on a journey of educational excellence for children aged 3-5 within a safe and nurturing environment. Our commitment to your child’s development aligns with the esteemed British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, renowned for its excellence in nurturing young minds. We craft a learning experience of the utmost quality, honing physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills through creative activities and play-based learning, sowing the seeds of a lifelong love for knowledge.

    History of British International Pre School Bangkok

    The British International Pre School Bangkok (BIPS) stands as a venerable institution, a torchbearer of quality education since its inception in 1975. As one of Thailand’s oldest international schools, BIPS has etched its name among expatriates residing in Bangkok.

    This noble endeavor was birthed by two British educators, Mrs. Margaret Johnson and Miss Audrey Marsh. Prior to their Thailand sojourn, they imparted English language and literature in their homeland. United by a vision, they envisioned an international school that transcended nationality and background, championing a global standard of education.

    Over the years, BIPS has blossomed into a globally recognized hub of learning, drawing students from over 45 countries. The British international pre school Bangkok offers both nursery and primary level courses, where language development thrives through innovative techniques like drama, music, and art. Traditional academics harmoniously coexist with these creative pursuits, and a nurturing environment nurtures individual talents and skills, preparing students for success beyond the classroom.

    Curriculum and Educational Philosophy

    The synergy between a well-structured curriculum and an educational philosophy is the cornerstone of effective teaching and student growth. A curriculum encompasses content, materials, methodologies, and assessments, shaping the classroom learning experience. Simultaneously, an educational philosophy underpins teaching and learning, guiding their course within the classroom environment. When these elements align, they create an environment conducive to effective learning.

    A robust curriculum must cater to diverse student needs, irrespective of their abilities or prior knowledge. It should strike a balance, comprehensively covering essential subjects while retaining flexibility for adaptation. Differentiated instruction, tailored to individual student needs, should find its place, fostering social-emotional development and critical thinking.

    A well-conceived educational philosophy champions collaboration among teachers, students, and educators, maximizing learning outcomes. This approach nurtures open communication, giving voice to stakeholders when deciding the best path to desired outcomes. Inquiry-based learning takes center stage, fostering exploration over rote memorization.

    Extracurricular Activities and Facilities

    Extracurricular activities and state-of-the-art facilities intertwine with a student’s educational journey, offering a wealth of opportunities for skill development, friendship, and exploration. These endeavors provide a canvas for self-expression and creative problem-solving, and facilities serve as gateways to invaluable resources.

    Sports, a beloved extracurricular, offer physical exercise and valuable lessons in teamwork. Quality sports facilities are essential for nurturing budding athletes. They provide safe and effective spaces for honing skills.

    Art programs, clubs for special interests like robotics, language classes, and academic competitions like debates or math Olympiads foster well-rounded development. Adequate classrooms or performance spaces with up-to-date technology are imperative for productive learning.

    For outdoor enthusiasts, ample outdoor spaces dedicated to activities such as hiking and camping trips are vital. These spaces can either be part of the school grounds or in close proximity.

    Parent Involvement

    Parental involvement stands as a pivotal pillar of a child’s educational journey. It encompasses activities such as attending school events, reading at home, volunteering, and participating in parent-teacher meetings. The benefits of parental involvement are manifold.

    Firstly, it reinforces the significance of learning, motivating children to excel academically. It cultivates a culture of valuing education. Moreover, parental involvement bolsters a child’s confidence, contributing to enhanced academic and social achievements.

    Collaboration between parents and teachers creates a supportive partnership, aligning efforts for student success. This collaborative ethos nurtures open communication, ensuring that the voices of all stakeholders are heard when shaping the educational path. Inquiry-based learning, which encourages exploration over mere memorization, is a hallmark of this educational philosophy.

    Admissions Process

    The college admissions process may appear formidable, with each institution having its own unique policies and procedures. Understanding the steps involved can significantly enhance your prospects of securing admission to your preferred institution.

    Commence with the completion of an application form. This form seeks a range of personal details, encompassing academic history, extracurricular involvement, awards, and a personal statement. Accuracy and honesty are paramount, as this information paints a comprehensive portrait of your identity.

    Subsequently, you’ll need to provide transcripts from previous schools or examination results (e.g., SAT or ACT). These documents elucidate your academic journey, encompassing courses, grades, and other pertinent details. Keep these transcripts up-to-date to expedite the application process.

    Finally, most institutions mandate letters of recommendation once all documents have been successfully submitted. These letters typically offer insights into your character, achievements, and potential, serving as valuable endorsements.


    British International Pre School Bangkok shines as an exceptional choice for families seeking a top-tier early childhood education. The school’s arsenal comprises a high-caliber curriculum, seasoned and proficient educators, and a nurturing educational ecosystem. With an emphasis on holistic development, the school instills the foundational skills required to unlock academic potential. Parents can rest assured that their children will embark on a journey to educational excellence at British International Pre School Bangkok.