The action RPG genre is experiencing trendy interest, and new titles like Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 are on the verge of becoming reality. One game that has already made its path in the gaming industry is Last Epoch Builds. In this guide, we’ll look at Last Epoch’s positives and negatives, along with its most popular five classes.

Know More About Last Epoch

The fast-paced, Last Epoch Builds is an online multiplayer game that lets players get lost in a world of fantasy and magical land devastated by the apocalypse brought on by The Void, a powerful being. The player assumes an apocalyptic role as if they were a superhero who travels through time to prevent The Void from destroying the world. Last Epoch Builds features a comprehensive character customization system for players to choose from five classes and more than 100 active and passive skills and capabilities to create distinctive gameplay styles. Moreover, Last Epoch Builds offers various loot items, which allow players to purchase powerful armor and weapons as they advance.

The 5 Last Epoch Builds Classes

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Sentinel allows players to select from three classes of mastery: Paladin, Forge Guard, or Void Knight. Alongside these mastery classes, Sentinel also has passive abilities that players can use to earn points to improve the effectiveness of their characters in battle. These passives offer bonuses to damage and armor, regenerate health, and block chances, among others.

Sentinel is also active in developing skills that players can acquire as they level up. The story behind Sentinel revolves around a character who is a descendant smelter living in caves beneath Solarium. The character learns how to master the skill of metalsmithing and is eventually sentient. They protect the city and its residents from danger.


  • The feared warrior of righteousness
  • Combining deadly Void spells with devastating Melee attacks
  • He possesses a shield that he can use not just for defense but also for offense.
  • Sentinel can assume various combat stances


In Last Epoch Builds, the Rogue is a base class that specializes in cunning, agility, and precise attack. The Rogue class offers players three classes of mastery: blade dancer, falconer, and marksman. Each mastery confers on the rogue the ability to use passive skills and skills that increase their combat capabilities. 

The Rogue’s backdrop includes a skilled assassin who earns a living from working dirty jobs for the rich and powerful in Maj’elka. However, her life alters when she’s recruited to kill the vessel Maiden Apophis, who is a deadly victim. It’s a risky job; however, its abilities and the compensation offered justify the risk.


  • A rogue is a creature who prefers striking from shadows
  • Can equip cowls, which are the particular kind of helmets that cover the lower part of the face of the rogue.
  • The Master of Bow and Blade


Arcane training in The Last Refuge, the sole remaining sanctuary for mankind, is rigorous and harsh. The mage decided not to be as cold and strict as his masters, and he treated his apprentice with compassion and kindness. The mage masteries are Sorcerer, Spellblade, and Runemaster. The Sorcerer deals damage to the element and also controls the spell blade, whereas the spell blade is a class that is a mix of melee and caster, which boosts melee damage by generating mana. 

Rune magic and time travel will be the focus of the runemaster. Magical skills that are passive improve the chances of critical strikes along with elemental damage as well as resistance.


  • It is possible to be equipped with Runic Emblems instead of Helmets (special symbols/runes that hover over Mage’s head)
  • Mage begins with 1 Attunement and 1 Intelligence
  • The Master of the Arcane Arts
  • Uses the element power and manages Fire, Lightning, and Frost
  • It is very difficult to find due to the Teleportation capability


The inhabitants of the Last Refuge, the sole remaining human settlement in the world ravaged by the Void, believed that life on Eterra’s surface was impossible. However, they were wrong. There were some human beings still living on the void-consumed surface, holding on to the dim light of hope and believing that all was gone. The Primalist class in the Last Epoch builds passive skills such as an increase in levels of health and minion damages and resistance to elemental forces.


  • Can equip Animal helmets
  • The primalist begins at 1 vitality with 1 strength.
  • The connection between Primalist and Eterra allows him to take control of her primal power
  • He can summon wild animals and Primal spirits to help Him
  • The ability to summon Totems can aid in fighting


Acolyte dedicated her entire life to pursuing knowledge. She soon realized that her ambitions were not satisfied with the instruction of her teacher, since she wished to be more than her fellow students. She was determined to be powerful. Acolyte successfully seized the moment and studied the Tomes, then performed the shady rituals described in them, and finally, she grew powerful.

Acolytes are darkcasters in Last Epoch builds that utilize poison and necrotic elements to stop the process of decay and death. The passive skills of Acolytes improve health, armor, and damage for themselves as well as their minions.


  • It is possible to be equipped with a hooded helmet
  • It starts with two Intelligence
  • The Mistress of the Dark Art
  • She can use her body as fuel for necromantic spells

Pros Of The Last Epoch Builds

  • It features the unique concept of time travel, which is seamlessly integrated into the game. 
  • Furthermore, the Last Epoch Builds game offers players an array of character-building options via various systems, but without bogging them down. 
  • The loot systems in Last Epoch Builds seamlessly integrate with a loot filter, providing a model that other ARPGs can follow.
  • The user interface and experience are of the highest quality, making it the top on the market. 
  • The smooth and fluid play of various classes ensures that players will be unable to stop playing, which can be unfavorable for those suffering from addiction issues.

Cons Of The Last Epoch Builds

  • The character models appear strange and a bit odd, which is a shame because it’s the only noticeable visual negative feature in the entire Last Epoch Builds game.
  • Furthermore, the beginning of the Last Epoch Builds story could be better, including the appearance of a lack of voice acting and boring dialogue. However, it improves as players advance. 
  • At the beginning of Last Epoch Builds, players may lose interest, particularly in a subject based on investment. The story is difficult to come back from, and regaining interest is vital.


The Last Epoch builds to be a formidable competitor for the action RPG genre, but it is currently in the beginning stages of development, so all details presented above are susceptible to alteration.

If the team at Last Epoch continues to improve their game in the same way they have done for development, we believe there’s a lot of potential in this game. At the moment, we would recommend it if you’re a lover of creating fun character designs.