Techfelts, Many times we might delete a photo, video, or document, considering it unimportant or not so useful, only to regret it later. In most cases, we might suddenly need a document or a picture that has been long lost in the storage of our device. Facing such a situation can be troublesome and annoying.

    In such circumstances, it is best to rely on some top-notch photo, video, or document recovery apps that can do the work for you quite conveniently, and you can easily get deleted pictures, videos, or documents. In this article, we are going to talk about one such amazing app. Techfelts App and some of its other alternatives can surely help you out.

    Techfelts Photo Recovery App

    The Techfelts Photo Recovery App is one of the most effective and easy ways to recover your deleted files, documents, photos, or videos. At present, Techfelts does not have a recovery app. Thus, the users need to access the website to get the recovery of their photos, videos, or documents done conveniently.

    One of the best advantages of using Techfelts Photo Recovery is that you do not have to bother much about freeing up your phone space every other day. You can choose to delete the photos or videos that are not very important to you and recover them later by using the website.

    Process of using Techfelts photo recovery app

    Here are the steps to navigate the Techfelts recovery app

    1. First, you have to go to its official website to get your stuff recovered.
    2. Select the data you want to get back, such as photos, videos, and documents.
    3. When you select the data, it will scan the deleted files and locate them.
    4. After completing the scan, it enables you to preview the files, where you can select some to restore.
    5. When you select the files that you want to regain, just tap restore.
    6. At last, you will find those files available to download, and now you can enjoy watching them happily.

    How to Recover Deleted Photos Easily

    Although recovering photos, videos, and documents from Techfelts is a convenient and easygoing process, the Techfelts App is no longer available as an app. Thus, you need to look for other methods to recover deleted photos. Let us get to know some of them.

    Recover Photos from Gallery

    The first and foremost method to recover lost pictures is to open your gallery and move the images from the recycle bin back to your gallery. It can be done with the photos or videos that were deleted by you in the last 30 days. To recover photos from the gallery Unlock your device and open the gallery.

    • Click on the three dots visible on the screen (usually in the top-right corner).
    • Once done, you will see an option for a recycling bin.
    • Click on it.
    • It will display all the images that were recently deleted by you.
    • You can select the image and tap recover or reload.
    • The photos will be saved back in your gallery.

    Recovering Photos Using a Third-Party App

    Now that the Techfelts app is no longer in existence, in order to recover photos using a third-party app, you need to rely on Techfelts alternatives. One of the best alternatives to Techfelts is Dumpster. In order to recover photos, videos, or documents from the Dumpster app, you need to follow the steps given below.

    • Open the Play Store on your Android device and search “Dupmster“.
    • Once you locate the app on the Play Store, you are supposed to click on Install.
    • It will take a few minutes for the app to get installed on your device.
    • Having done this, you need to open the app.
    • When you open the app, you will be asked to grant certain permissions for the app to function properly. Give them permission to proceed further.
    • Then, you will acknowledge two options, one for “photo recovery” and the other for “video recovery”. 
    • As a user, you can choose what you need to recover.
    • In case you have to recover deleted photos, you have to click on the “Search for Lost Photos” option.
    • Within a few minutes, you will have all the deleted photos. From them, you can conveniently recover the photos that you need.

    Features of The techFelt photo recovery app

    Whenever we delete our photos, we always regret it later on, as we remember some of the important photos or somehow have memories of those photos. In that case, people search for several third-party apps that can help them recover their photos, documents, and videos. But the website TechFelt helps you get them back without any apps. Let’s check out some of its features.

    • It is free, and users do not have to face any payment issues to access the application and get their photos and documents back.
    • It allows you to restore all the deleted photos you want to get back in your gallery.
    • There is no need to download any other application that occupies your device’s storage and is not secure.
    • It is easy to navigate with its user-friendly interface, which helps you save time and restore your stuff.


    Techfelts App, Having a photo, video, or document recovery app on your device can be a savior in most cases. Firstly, with such an app on your device, you do not need to worry about the fast-filling storage of your device. You can simply delete some photos or videos and then recover them later. Moreover, a photo recovery app also helps in bringing back your lost photos or videos. These photos or videos can be extremely important to you at times. Thus, it is always beneficial to have a TechFelts photo recovery app.


    1. Is the Techfelts app still in existence?

    The Techfelts app is no longer in existence. Techfelts was an efficiently working recovery app that could easily recover photos, videos, and documents. Not only did it save the user’s phone storage, but it also gave ease to the user. However, as of now, if someone wishes to recover lost photos, videos, or data, they can rely on the Dumpster app. It is one of the finest alternatives to Techfelts.

    2. What are some alternatives to Techfelts?

    The following are some of the best alternatives to Techfelts:
    • Dumpster Photo Recovery App 
    • Dumpster Bin File Recovery
    • EaseUs Data Recovery 
    • All File Recovery & Restore
    • File Recovery-App
    • Dr. Fone-Data Recovery
    • Deleted Video Recovery